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The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the professional association for managers of membership clubs. With close to 6,700 members across all classifications, our manager members run more than 2,500 country, golf, city, athletic, faculty, yacht, town and military clubs. The objectives of the CMAA are to promote and advance friendly relations among persons connected with the management of clubs and other associations of similar character; to encourage the education and advancement of its members; and to assist club officers and members, through their managers, to secure the utmost in efficient and successful operations.

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To enhance the member’s professional status through certification.

To advance the club management profession and to assist individual CMAA members and their clubs.

To effectively communicate with members, clubs, government, the media and the general public and to develop and maintain publications and other materials.

To provide a wide variety of educational programs and materials to meet diverse educational needs.

To encourage high ethical standards in dealings with fellow club managers, clubs and others.

To assist CMAA members in their career development and in job opportunities and to assist clubs in securing management personnel.

To interpret and report on changing social, governmental and economic conditions affecting club management.

To recruit and retain members and to manage the Association in a manner that will effectively represent the views of its members.

To foster appropriate relations with other organizations that will contribute to the objectives of the club industry and CMAA’s members.

To provide innovative programs, products and services for the successful operation of clubs.

To conduct research and develop, analyze and disseminate information/data related to club management and the club industry.

To be a resource and advocate for CMAA members by providing risk management tools and educating members about insurance solutions.


In order to join the Paradise of the Pacific (POP) chapter you must first be a member of the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) and employed at a club within the state of Hawaii.  By joining CMAA, Managers are granted access educational resources, networking opportunities and leadership development to become successful club managers.

Download the national membership application below and send to (POP) Membership Chair, along with two separate checks for your national and chapter dues. Once approved for membership you will receive an email from national association. For more information about the national dues structure you may visit CMAA.org.

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